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Technical Talent Acquisition Made Simple

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Needle in the Haystack

Hiring a person who has relevant technical experience with a specific technology background; a personality matching your company culture, and the right attitude and drive is a challenge.

It requires years of nurturing relationships, deep market knowledge, modern head-hunting techniques, innovative hiring platforms and technologies, and tremendous creativity.

This is exactly what we have been specializing in at Smart Hire IT. Our successful methods of sourcing, finding, screening, hiring the right person are proven by many client testemonies and numerous success stories.

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Extremely attentive to details, and supportive throughout the whole recruitment process. Found an excellent position thanks to their skilled matching.

Incredible careful and kind people that clearly stated all details from the very beginning.

Had a great experience working with Rebeka! Professional, effiecient and exceptionally friendly throughout the entire process, made the entire process feel like a breeze 🙂

They are amazing! Passionate, nice, inventing new ways of contacting candidates that get the attention and you just can’t let their messages be unanswered! Indira, you’re the best, continue to be this great!

Great recruitment company 🙂 I would especially like to thank Maria for being a great support for me and making the recruitment process extremely easy and efficient. Awesome job and awesome company!

I had the honor to talk to both Maria and Peter. Both are top skilled and dedicated to their duties. Maria followed my case to the very end an supported me through the highering process. She did an excellent job.

Indira Borràs González and Peter Horvath go far beyond just connecting you to potential employers. They make sure you understand the process and you are ready for whatever comes next. Also I must mention that their communication skills really stand out - they're professional and fun at the same time.

It was a great experience with Recruiter Renata Horvath, she was extremely helpful and supportive, always available and need to appreciate fast response, One of the best HR services, I have received so far. Keep up the good work!!

Good experience end-to-end.

Indira helped me secure a new position, tailored to my needs. She made the whole process quite enjoyable through her enthusiasm and knowledgeable support.

Work with one of their recruiters Indira she is the best recruiter I have come across till now.She keeps whole recruitment process very much clear .She was always proactive to provide feedback on time. Thanks Indira wish you best of luck for future.

Yes it was a great experience with Recruiter Renata Horvath,she has given her full support to her candidate for getting a job and i like the way she has given options of different countries (Germany,Sweden,Barcelona etc) to me .I would like to stay in touch with her for future openings as well!!She speaks in a humble way & gives a clear understanding of job description.

Renata is the most supportive recruiter that I've ever seen. She finds the best positions that suits best for the candidates considering their knowledge, experience and interests.

I had the chance to work with Indira, who contacted me with a job offer. Her approach immediately stood out amongst the others. I'm glad it did, because it ended up being my next job. During the whole interview process, Indira was extremely helpful and supportive, and always available with great advice. I'm really thankful for having crossed paths with her.

Renata Horvath is really highly professional. She will manage her time and will try to be available for you. You will feel her support along the entire recruitment process. She is able to identify quickly the strongness of the candidate and highlighted to her client. She is a hard worker and very objective oriented. She is very transparent and give you concrete advices and answer to your question. She is a recruiter you can trust.

Great company and Renata helped me on each step of the process and guided very clearly as to what was expected. Definitely Recommended.

One of the best HR services, I have received so far. Warren was very helpful, responsive and provided guidance when required.

My personal experience with Indira González specifically was that she was very well prepared, enthusiastic and good at considering my needs and requirements as well as her client's. My process was also very thorough and transparent, with excellent communications wrt meetings and follow-ups.

Talent Acquisition Products

Smart Growth

Growing your technical teams with experienced profiles utilizing our active and passive candidate network. An effective way of cooperation for non-senior roles that are not business-critical but requires skillful talent acquisition methods.

Smart Partnership

Successfully completing hires for your business-critical roles, senior positions, strategic hires, hard-to-find profile roles, and multiple openings. Highly advanced talent acquisition methods are involved – targeting the passive candidate market.

Smart Executive

High-level and proven head-hunting methods are utilized in a strategic way. Managerial and C-level roles will be concluded with the most qualified person – involving targeted sourcing and outreach methods, followed by a thorough and professional assessment of functional and soft skills.

Why Working With Us?

Exclusive Talent Network

You gain access to our carefully nurtured and growing talent pool of active and passive developers and scientists.

Guaranteed Results

All our ways of cooperation come with guarantees that are beyond the market standards. We will ensure your success and are confident about it!

Market Leading Techniques

Our unique methods of networking, sourcing, outreaching, screening, and managing Talent are second to none and have been endorsed by many satisfied clients.

Let’s chat

To discuss your hiring challenges and goals, let`s arrange a free consultation

tech jobs sweden | tech jobs norway | tech jobs finland | tech jobs oslo | tech jobs stockholm | tech jobs copenhagen

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